centos 安装 vsftp


yum -y install vsftpd


service vsftpd start


chkconfig vsftpd on

vim /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf


recommended for security (the code is non-trivial). Not enabling it,

however, may confuse older FTP clients.


By default the server will pretend to allow ASCII mode but in fact ignore

the request. Turn on the below options to have the server actually do ASCII

mangling on files when in ASCII mode.

Beware that on some FTP servers, ASCII support allows a denial of service

attack (DoS) via the command "SIZE /big/file" in ASCII mode. vsftpd

predicted this attack and has always been safe, reporting the size of the

raw file.

ASCII mangling is a horrible feature of the protocol.


You may fully customise the login banner string:

#ftpd_banner=Welcome to blah FTP service.

You may specify a file of disallowed anonymous e-mail addresses. Apparently

useful for combatting certain DoS attacks.


(default follows)


You may specify an explicit list of local users to chroot() to their home

directory. If chroot_local_user is YES, then this list becomes a list of

users to NOT chroot().



(default follows)


You may activate the "-R" option to the builtin ls. This is disabled by

default to avoid remote users being able to cause excessive I/O on large

sites. However, some broken FTP clients such as "ncftp" and "mirror" assume

the presence of the "-R" option, so there is a strong case for enabling it.


When "listen" directive is enabled, vsftpd runs in standalone mode and

listens on IPv4 sockets. This directive cannot be used in conjunction

with the listen_ipv6 directive.


This directive enables listening on IPv6 sockets. To listen on IPv4 and IPv6

sockets, you must run two copies of vsftpd with two configuration files.

Make sure, that one of the listen options is commented !!




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